Tools: Cazeneuve HBX360 (Part 5 ½)

Another short update on our HBX360 lathe…

After rebuilding of the parts we have now started re-assembling the machine. First stop was the massive 5.5KW motor which rests on 4 M20 bolts for easier alignment. Second came the mechanical break – another little highlight on this machine. Feed gear box and the electrical control box have also been attached again.

Of course we wanted to get a first glimpse at how the machine soon will look like and attached some of the sheet metal parts… Looks like the long hours of work have payed of. Next we will complete some smaller assemblies in the main drive area and complete the new gear levers.

Gear Levers

Just wow. The new water-jet cut stainless steel gear sift levers are true eye-candy. The original levers were made form simple sheet metal, bent and painted.

In the next weeks Fabian will WIG weld the levers to the new shafts. I am also considering buying stainless index bolts for the levers… If just these things would be less expensive (40 Euro per piece…)

Painting of the Apron

On our first attempt the paint got mixed with some residual oil hiding in a bling spot. Back to the beginning then, removing the full paint coat again.


The main drive components and the mechanical break are back in the machine.

Multifix B

eBay had some used Multifix B quick change tool holders on offer. The price was ok and the condition acceptable. This way we are starting our lathe adventures with a total of 5 tool holders.

Electrical control box

Mounting plate, cable glands and the most important wiring are back on their places. Newly painted (and without gunk) the control box looks much better now.

To get the lathe up and running faster we decided not to alter the electrical system too much. At a later stage we will swap the glas fuses for proper circuit breakers, add some new relays and a little bit of “intelligence”.

Urgent changes included: New wires for the e-stop and control switches as well as wire end-sleeves for all connections.


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